Cruelty Free Brands

As I explore more and more make-up brands and experiment more with my skincare regime I become more concious of what harm this vanity may be causing – in particular, with animal testing. Having done some research I found it extremely distressing to see images of animals being tested on, all so that we may wear some lipstick or eyeliner to feel better about ourselves. I don’t feel comfortable in supporting such cruelty. From now on I will be making a concious effort to pay attention to what brands I buy from.
To make things easier for myself I’ve compiled a short list of brands I think Irish consumers tend to use the most, but I also have a more complete list which you can view below.



Please be aware that these brands may change their company policy in time so regular checking is a must. At the time of posting this information is correct to the best of my knowledge. Feel free to use it as a go to guide!

What’s also important to acknowledge is that some brands are cruelty free but may be owned by a parent company that isn’t. For example, Urban Decay is cruelty free but is owned by L’Oreal which isn’t so it really depends on how strict you want to be with yourself.

image image

If you want further information Peta have extensive downloadable PDFs with information on hundreds of companies. I hope you find this small list of mine helpful! Until next time,

– Cíara C


4 thoughts on “Cruelty Free Brands

  1. I did not realise how many brands that I use are not cruelty free. I also use many that are luckily but I will definitely make some changes when buying make-up

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