Blogging 101, Day 1: Introduce yourself to the world


I feel a little foolish writing an introduction to my blog when I’m already several posts deep but I will blame that on my fiancé. We’re both artists with wildly different approaches to our work. I’m methodical and careful, over thinking things to a fault, while he prefers to rush in head first with more work and less thought. While I was worrying over what to blog about and which categories to pigeon hole myself into I asked for his advice, to which he offered me three great words famously spoken by our Lord and Saviour, Shia LeBeouf – “just do it.”
I began writing about what interested me, things I wanted to share and subjects I wanted to talk about. I began to feel happier than I had in a long time; reading and writing were wonderful hobbies of mine throughout my school years and I’d always dreamt of writing my own book. I felt much younger, light as a feather and care-free.

I’ve chosen to blog publicly rather than keep a personal journal as I like to share my art, photography, writing and experiences with others. I use social media daily, hourly even, so it only seemed like a natural progression. Except instead of sharing funny memes on facebook or posting selfies on my Instagram I’m posting things that are important to me and important to my state of happiness. It’s a basic human urge to share with others – communication keeps us connected. Besides, it gets lonely after a while, journaling with no likes, shares or feedback.

I want to use my blog for many things. Too many things. Firstly, I’d like to use my blog to share my artwork. I want to use it to display makeup looks and reviews – painting my face gives me an enormous sense of well being and a bucket load of confidence. When I feel cute I truly do feel happy. I want to talk about anxiety and depression to lessen the stigma and encourage people to open up more, share more and talk more. I want to talk about Mindfulness as I feel that it genuinely works and I want to potentially help others by telling them about it. Mindfulness is helping to change my worldview, mind set and mental health for the better. I want to use this blog to chronicle my journey with Endometriosis so that I can branch out to other women who may be suffering alone, that they may read something I’ve written and feel hope. When I was first diagnosed I felt so lonely and shut off from everyone until I discovered that there was a whole community of women online that were going through the same thing as I am and I want to make those women feel normal, cared for and important. Buddhism, witchcraft, calligraphy and learning how to play the ukulele all spring to mind to blog about, too…

I suppose I generally want to use this blog for things that make me happy. A blog of my pursuit to happiness.

Through my blog I’d love to connect with other women who suffer with Endometriosis. I want to connect with people suffering from Depression and Anxiety. I want to help. I want to matter. I want to make people believe that they matter.

If I blog successfully throughout the next year I hope to accomplish a better understanding of my mind and how to control it using Mindfulness. I want to be Xavier; right now my mind is Magneto. In a years time I hope to be a new age Buddhist witch hippy, meditating whilst painting Mandalas and writing a book about my experiences in a haven for people who feel as lost as I do right now. Doesnt that sound absolutely wonderful? Here’s hoping I’m successful. Here’s to happiness.

Until next time,
Cíara C


One thought on “Blogging 101, Day 1: Introduce yourself to the world

  1. I can relate to you on so many levels. I’m more of a private person but blogging about things does make me happy. When life became a bit hectic, I had to close down my blog. But nearly two years later, here I’m with a new blog because I missed the whole experience. Private journaling is good but like you said, it can sometimes get lonely. Blogging is a wonderful tool to connect with people from all over the world.
    “I want to be Xavier; right now my mind is Magneto. ”
    Hahaha, aren’t we all mini-Magnetos one way or another.


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