Solo Exhibition

I’ve recently dismantled my first solo exhibition from The Secret Garden, Galway and phew, what a journey. I’m incredibly honoured to have displayed my work in such a lovely venue and I’m so grateful to everyone who has come to see it during its run. It’s stressful enough exhibiting with a group but I didn’t anticipate how much work would go in to organising everything on my own. From framing pieces to advertising on social media to getting the nerves to actually go and see people looking at the work you’ve slaved over for countless hours…it’s tough. I’m incredibly proud of myself for the work I’ve created and its reception but it’s all been a little surreal – it’s an odd experience to look at your art hanging up on a wall, like a real piece of art work instead of just a drawing. Anyways, to stave off the rambling I’ve included a few images from the venue below.

The Secret Garden is a gorgeous little cafe on William St. West in Galway City, boasting an impressive array of loose teas, baked treats (raw, vegan and gluten free) as well as a secret garden out the back with beautiful wall murals and flowers. It’s the perfect spot to sit back and unwind, and best of all is that it’s dog friendly too.




Unfortunately I only had my phone camera so I wasn’t able to get any photos of my work hanging up, hopefully I can upload some of them again in future.

Thank you for reading. I’ve really neglected my blog these past few months but so much has been happening in my life, meaning lots of possitive changes and a busier schedule than usual. I’ll try to remedy that as I really enjoy writing these posts. Anyways, from now until next time, take care.

– Cíara C



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