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Lalabox from Lalalab

I’m a sucker for vintage photography and Polaroid prints, so when I found out that I could print the pictures on my phone and get them posted to me in an adorable little box I was sold.

I recently purchased a Birchbox and they sent me an e-mail with a promo code for a free 36 print Lalabox (normally €15.90) – all I had to do was pay for postage! I visited a friend in York for my birthday in September and this gave me the perfect opportunity to make an adorable little scrapbook of memories.

The Lalalab app is very user friendly and gives you the option to change the background colour of your photos, add text and crop. It took about a week to deliver and I was so excited when I saw the parcel in my letterbox.


The photos come in an adorable, sturdy little keepsake box that contains your photos, a sheet of origami paper (with instructions!), a Lalagame scratch card which can be redeemed on their site for prizes and a Referral Programme Card to share with friends so you both receive discounts on your next purchase.

The photos are good quality on heavy duty photo paper and the text comes in a lovely font. There was some pixelation on a couple of the prints but it’s not very noticeable unless you look closely, so the polaroid style photos probably aren’t the best choice if you want crystal clear photos.

I thought the origami paper was a cute little touch and thankfully it wasn’t overly difficult; I’ve tried origami before and I am not a patient person. You can share your prints and origami by tagging @Lalalab and #Lalalab on Instagram to be in with a chance of winning weekly prizes.


I hope you liked my photos. Follow me over on my Facebook page ‘The Baby Witch’ where I’ll be sharing the Referral Programme code so you can receive a discount and get cute prints of your own. I’ll definitely be ordering from Lalabox again in future, I’ll just have to take way more photos than usual so I can scrapbook my little craft-loving heart out.

Thanks for reading! Until next time,

Cíara C ♡


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